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Terra Verde Balsamic Vinegar Peach Balsamic 250ml 2 Pack LVDQGNWTN

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Mouthwatering punch of ripe peach with tropical notes. 2 Pack.We hand blend this flavored balsamic by starting with our signature traditional balsamic vinegar Di Modena Italy, then flavor it to our exact specifications right here in our facility in Texas.Just about anything, to include drizzled over grilled peaches and pork, summer green salads, smoothies, and even martinis and shrubs.Our premium balsamic vinegars are tremendously delicious and versatile. Not only are they the perfect accoutrement to any salad, they can be used as a base for marinades and sauces, drizzled over desserts, used to make shrubs, jams and other culinary condiments. Your imagination is your only limit.Great Gift!

Terra Verde Peach Balsamic Vinegar is one of our top selling products, loaded with sweet floral aromas that make your mouth water. It's charged with fresh fruit-forward notes, and has a sweet pop you'll lift an eyebrow to (seriously!). It is perfect over summer salads or drizzled over fresh tomatoes. It is also incredible as a glaze for pork or turkey, on top of fruit, mixed in with plain yogurt, or served over ice cream. Toss it into a smoothie for a little fruit boost! Texas Hill Country Olive Company is family-owned, and located in the beautiful and beloved Texas Hill Country of Dripping Springs, Texas. Our olive orchard is located on 17 acres of picturesque land, and is a certified organic orchard. Since day one the focus has been on preserving the natural beauty of the area while providing fresh locally produced extra virgin olive oil and other premium quality products. Why Dripping Springs It has the perfect land conditions for growing olives, and also shares similarities to Italian landscapes- a reminder of our heritage. It was a bit of a homage to our motherland that we chose to plant where we did. The trees are planted on a slope in rocky limestone soil – the limestone keeps the soil more alkaline, the slope of the land and the rocks in the soil help with water drainage. There is always a nice breeze in the orchard which helps the pollinator trees (Pendolino variety) to pollinate the varieties that need pollinating. It was an entire family effort, and something we are all proud of! We hope you enjoy our olive oils and gourmet food, and that you have a chance to visit us in Texas so that we can share more of our story with you.

Terra Verde Balsamic Vinegar Peach Balsamic 250ml 2 Pack LVDQGNWTN

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